E lawe i ke a’o a mālama a e `oi mau ka na`auao

(Take what you have learned and apply it and your wisdom will increase)

Mary Pukui, 1983, excerpt from Ka Puke Ōlelo Noʻeau (The Hawaiian Proverb Book)

Apply what you’ve learned, create jobs that will sustain our communities and natural resources, and perpetuate these practices for a more sustainable future.

Increasing green jobs and our green economy will help Hawaiʻi achieve its sustainability goals—from transitioning to 100% renewable energy and bolstering our local food security to increasing our biodiversity and protecting our oceans and coral reefs. Building a green workforce is key to our success. Building a green workforce is key to our success. Many green jobs already exist and are a great way to make a living, and help our planet at the same time. Jobs ranging from sustainable agriculture to energy production are becoming more popular. Hawaii Island has green startups from all over the world. These companies need a green workforce. Check out Green List Hawaii for learning opportunities with environmental organizations, community groups and events throughout Hawaii. Learn about the working world with a Hawaii Farmers Union United mentorship, or get a paid internship with University of Hawaii at Hilo’s Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Sciences. Imagine if each one of us had a green job. Let’s continue this upwards trending cycle of green job creation to ensure our Island’s sustainability for future generations. Hawaii could be a model for the world.